EXHIBITION VEJLE, 23/6 - 1/9 2019

Floating Art 2019 - Cry Me a River

The opening of the floating art exhibition on Vejle Fjord again coincides with the midsummer celebration.
Brand new international works of art will surprise and engage visitors who are invited to rethink the framework for a better world. In various ways, this year's artists for Floating Art have been inspired by the science fiction genre. Science fiction is often about outer space and aliens, but many of the genre's characters are taken directly from the sea. Thus, both wet existences, aliens, polluted seas and the need for solidarity are all topics of the exhibition.The art that flows in and out of Vejle's veins will open the visitors' eyes to what we may not notice, and to what we close our eyes to in busy everyday life.

True to tradition, the exhibition opening is combined with midsummer celebrations at Vejle Marina, with bonfire, speeches and a BBQ - and this year it is possible to join a guided boat trip to all the works.

This year, the subtitle is Cry Me a River - and yes, that title is indeed inspired by Justin Timberlake's big hit from 2002. Floating Art 2019 can be seen from June 23 to September.

The selected artists for Floating Art - Cry Me a River: Anu Ramdas, Denmark. Beatričė Mockevičiūtė, Lithuania. Ceylan Öztrük, Turkey. Frederik Worm, Denmark. Lewis Teague Wright, UK. Liu Shiyuan, China. Marit Benthe Norheim & Tonje Terese/MIRRORship, Norway. Mia Edelgart, Denmark. Tor Jonsson, Sweden.


Marit Benthe Norheim participates with Tonje Terese/MIRRORship with the work Heroine of Hope and Crying Skeletons

BOOK REVIEW, October 2018

REVIEW, A Shipload of Women's Memories

Published in the European Journal of Women's Studies, the most prominent European journal for gender research. Reviewed by Serbian researcher Zorana Antonijevic, University of Novi Sad, Serbia.


Extract from the review:
As in all memory work, the interaction between researchers and researched brings challenges in maintaining intimacy, openness and empathy in situations in which many experiences (migration, war and violence) are not usually shared. However, the life stories collected in the book aim to present not only the present situation of some of the women, such as 79-year-old asylum seeker Basma from Syria (pp. 64–66), but also to build understanding and open-mindedness between cultures in order to prevent future conflicts. Therefore, the book can serve as a learning tool for tolerance, inclusion and diversity in a world torn by violence, exclusion and differences

A Shipload of Women’s Memories: Narratives across Borders is a remarkable and utstanding book, well researched, well written and accessible beyond the narrow circle of academics. I would strongly recommend it not only to students of social sciences or gender studies, feminists and visual artists but to anyone interested in learning about our societies and the ways in which diversity and dialogue can connect us in resisting intolerance, violence and war.

Read the uncute book review

EXHIBITION IN CHINA 4/4 - 4/6 - 2018

From the 4. April to 4. June 2018, The exhibition "Two Stations" Nordic Contemporary Art Exhibition in Xiamen, i Kina. Benthe is participating with: LIFE-BOATS – A sailing sculptural installation in concrete by Marit Benthe Norheim. A film by Lars Hegndal, with music by Tonje Terese a.k.a. MIRRORship.

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BOOK REVIEW, February 2018

Great BOOK REVIEW, A Shipload of Women's Memories

From Oxford University Press, migration studies, written by Kathy Davis, who is a highly recognized gender research journalist and editor of the European Journal of Women's Studies, the most recognized gender research magazine in Europe.

Extract from the review:
The book shows how traveling across borders can also be enriching as long as connections are maintained with families and cultures. More generally, the stories of the interviewed women indicate how mobility can promote an understanding of differences and help develop tolerance within cultures, more generally.
This book is a good illustration of what contemporary social theory on mobility might gain from a biographical perspective. We clearly need theoretical frameworks that attend to the ways migrants, often with great creativity, manage the apparent contradictions of belonging and not belonging, while finding ways to live viable lives ‘in-between’ cultures. And, finally, the addition of Norheim’s reflections as an artist on the women’s stories provides insight into the emotional dimension of belonging in ways that a straightforward sociological analysis cannot. She used her impressions of the interviewed women to create a figurehead that would capture the essence of their life story.

The book is, therefore, an example of how the use of imagination, empathy, and creativity necessary for producing an artwork that can enhance the narrative approach favored by biographical researchers. A Shipload of Women’s Memories. Narratives across Borders is a ‘must-read’ for anyone interested in migration, mobility and displacement; gender and its intersections of age,class, ethnicity, and national belonging; and life-stories as methodology. It offers a memorable journey into the lives of some extraordinary women. And, last but not least, it will leave readers longing to see the Life-boats for themselves, as they continue on their voyages throughout Europe.

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The exhibition portrays 18 women whose stories have in common is that they are over 70 years and have lived 'borderless'. Preparatory to the symbolic galionsfigurportrætter on the back of My ship is loaded with memories is part of Marit Benthe Norheim sailing work of art Life-boats. There will also be film about the project by Lars Hegndal and soundscapes by composer Geir Johnson for Life-boats.The exhibition opens with speeches by Dr. Phil. art historian and 'instrumental' Else Marie Bukdahl and Alderman Rabih Azad-Ahmad, Aarhus City Council.Project Life-boats is part of Aarhus 2017 European Capital of Culture.

In connection with the opening of the exhibition we will launch the English version of the book about figureheads: A Ship Load of Women's Memories. Narratives across Borders.
the sociology professor Ann-Dorte Christensen, Aalborg University and artist Marit Benthe Norheim.A Ship Load of Women's Memories. Narratives across Borders from Aalborg University PressThe book is based on 18 life stories as customs by women over the age of 70 with roots in 27 different Norden. Each story is analyseres as a unique account of individual erfarenheter with strength, pain and love. The stories are, at the same time, a source of knowledge about major events in society over the past decades where flight, migration and encounters mellom different cultures havebeen a condition of life for many. 




September 13 – December 7, 2014



A group of Norwegian and Danish artists circle about the Syrian colleague, poet Moustafa al Yassin. The story is personal and universal. How do we maintain our identity and how can the faith in the future be retrieved after a fate of exile and separation from family? Will there be a spring, when winter is over? 
Participants: Gerda Thune Andersen (DK), Annette Skov (DK), Tine Kjølsen (DK), Tormod Solløs (N), Meta Norheim (N), Marit Benthe Norheim (N / DK), Hagbart Solløs (N) and Moustafa al Yassin (SYR / FIN / N).


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Speech by Danish Cultural minister Marianne Jelved at the Art Center Silkeborg Bad


PRESS CONFERENCE: Aarhus presents major cultural  flagship. Life-boats will 
​be ambassadors for the European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017 in Denmark and the rest of Europe.

Read the Press release from Aarhus 2017


Rainbow BunkerLove Festival 2014, d. 6. July in Hirtshals from 15.00-22.00.

Marit Benthe Norheim in collaboration with Sigrid Norheim Ørntoft and Lars Hegndal with the exhibition ”Ruth” A work featuring sculpture, video and dance telling the story of Ruth, the daughter of a German policeman during WWII. Ruth is one of the figurerheads to “My ship is loaded with Memories  http://bunkerlove.com/hirtshals2014/



Campingwomen are in this year of Science in the City Festival in Copenhagen, where they are presented under the title: Experience and learning: The installation CampingWomen as a mobile ArtLab, Here they can be seen and experienced on the 21 June.

Science is… building bridges

Science in the City is a free science festival for families, students and everyone who is curious and can´t help wondering…

Under the main theme; Science building bridges, the Science in the City Festival aims to bring researchers, delegates and the general public together to share the news and the mysteries of science

Read more about the campingwomen and the festival



- A sailing sculptural installation in concrete

I am working towards creating three sculptures in concrete which will become functioning boats, shaped as female figures. They will be 12m in length and rise 3m over the surface of the water.

 ”Life-boats” will sail from Denmark, out onto the European canals, (including the Nordic ones) which naturally lead the ships through the heart of the European cities that are built up around the old waterways

The sculptural group, Life - boats  will comprise three female boats, where the preliminary overriding theme will be woman in the three phases of life;

The Life-boats project is about meetings – about exchange – about receiving foreign expressions – about daring to move into unknown territory and opening up into ”intimate spheres”.

The first sculptural ship "My ship is loaded with Longing" is completed and has been moved out of the studio, in order to make room for the next sculptural ship "My ship is loaded with Life" in the studio. This process is started and the skeleton is almost finished and ready for casting.

Follow Life-boats and read more about the project: www.life-boats.com

Campingwomen wins the artbeat award of 2014


The Artbeat award is an annual award, which is presented to a person or a project in the cultural life that has distinguished itself by combining the artistic innovation with the forward-thinking dissemination of art



Marit Benthe Norheim participated in the panel seminar “The need for Global Human Warming” And made a presentation with the title: . “Life-Boats”- international sailing social participatory art project

Background and motivation behind PFC
PfC 2014 aims to provide insight and inspiration for social innovation. We believe in sharing and learning from others. The PfC Conference 2014 presents efficient methods, examples of best practice and innovative projects. We aim to show how everyone can contribute towards the World We Want, by acting responsibly to secure a better climate and empower the positive forces of society. The program targets businesses, investors and entrepreneurs as well as NGOs, government, academia and individuals.

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