NO MANS LAND, groupexhibition at the Rudolph Tegners Museum

16. April - 20. October 2013

The hidden subtitle to No Man’s Land... is Meets One Man’s Land, meaning that this museum has always been only about Rudolph Tegner; and even while current exhibition is not defined as a feminist project, it has been groundbreaking for the museum to invite 8 female artists to interpret Rudolph Tegner and his works.
Eight artists – all modern women – show a striking contrast to the image of the women Tegner revealed to us in his works before his marriage to Elna Tegner in 1912. The thought that Rudolph Tegner might turn in his grave under the floor of the central hall have been quite possible, but was proved wrong along the way, as the project progressed.
Professional level of all the artists is impressive; the fact that Rudolph Tegner was a challenging artistic soul of his time, often provocative due to his visions, has given a convincing sense of the project’s adherence to Rudolph Tegner’s spirit.
The artists come from different parts of Europe. Vicky Steptoe was born in the Czech Republic, Nina Kleivan and Benthe Norheim in Norway, Hiordis Haack in Sweden and Bodil Brems, Gerda Thune Andersen, Pernelle Maegaard and Anja Franke are from Denmark.

THE SEPRATION, by Marit Benthe Norheim - press for large pictures