Sindal Library Square

In 2021, when Sindal was celebrating its 150th anniversary as a station town, it was in the midst of a pandemic. Travel was restricted, schools closed, and people worked from home. The future was uncertain and unknown. The text reflects on the impact of these circumstances on the city's children and young people, especially during a time when stress and anxiety affect more and more individuals.

Marit Benthe Norheim aims to provide insight into this through double self-portraits created in two workshops by 498 students at Sindal School. The portraits simultaneously reflect both heavy thoughts and despair, as well as dreams and hope – the duality that life often consists of in many contexts.

The four large guardian angels created by Marit Benthe Norheim each symbolize well-known emotions. The angel with waves represents something everyone feels in their bodies from time to time; the pirouette angel can turn in all directions or dance in joy; the angel with ear wings emphasizes the importance of listening, which can give wings; and the angel with pearl dots signifies moments when something shines and can be wordless.

The intention is that these angels bring faith, hope, and love to Sindal. In their essence, angels are both beautiful and mysterious, but they are also fragile and vulnerable as they are half human. Beings that exist in all cultures and religions, and many people have a personal connection to them. In their guardian role, they radiate vigilance and strength but also convey security and trust, creating a solid foundation for our collective path out of the pandemic and into the future.

A large crowd gathered on this beautiful sunny day to witness the children's creations and the unveiling of the new artwork in the city. Speeches were given by Anette Nedermark, the school and daycare chief in Hj. Kom; Troels Bidstrup Hansen, the chairman of the Hj. Kom. Art Committee; Else Marie Bukdahl, an art historian and former rector of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, and Marit Benthe Norheim.
The youngest students from Sindal School provided delightful choral singing for entertainment, and the Sindal Citizen Association arranged for some delicious food and drinks to be available. It was indeed a festive day in Sindal, marked by art, speeches, music, and community gathering.

DANISH BROADCAST FROM THE 7/6 2023 - Norsk kunstner samarbejder med elever om nyt kunstværk


IN JUNE 2023: In June 2023, the setup of the 498 reliefs created by the students, and the four angels. With the assistance of many volunteers

MAJ 2023: the students' reliefs are completed, and the careful planning of their installation is underway in Mygdal

APRIL-MAJ 2023: The work on the four angels in full scale

Trial assembly of models in 1:1 scale

15-16 MARTS 23: All students from Sindal School are gathered in Sindal Hall to model their reliefs, and the next day to paint and embellish them - click for larger images

15. marts 2023


Nu arbejdes der på kunstværket “Sindals engle og børn”

Læs artiklen

March 2022: GUARDIAN ANGEL TEMPLATES IN FULL SIZE - click for large images

GUARDIAN ANGEL MODELS 1:7 scale - click for large images

GUARDIAN ANGEL SKETCHES - click for large images