In 2022, Lithuania's second largest city, Kaunas, will take over the title of European Capital of Culture. On that occasion, the years leading up to the great culmination of 2022 will offer a packed and inspiring program with various artistic and cultural initiatives and projects. Marit Benthe Norheim has been invited to contribute to the project with a number of artistic activities. The result has been an art project that, on the one hand, builds on the Kaunas region's distinctive history, identity and needs, and also on the other hand, will offer renewed reflection and dialogue and add artistic, Nordic input to the area.

The Rolling Angels will stay in Linksmakalnis all year round, where they will travel around the area and visit and occupy squares and towns, where they will tell the locals and guests angel stories and help warm Linksmakalnis up to Kaunus 2022.

Linksmakalnis started as a German-owned mansion, which became a village, then transformed into a secret military town during the Soviet occupation and is now - after the Russian soldiers withdrew in 1993 - a small town without a fixed local identity and full of the shadows of the past.

Rolling Angels are rolled through the village of Linksmakalnis outside Kaunas, together with an international team of artists in a contemporary circus performance "Radio Angels: Arrival"

"The project aims to create a unique art experience of high artistic quality such as;

Generates insight into and invites to reflection on Linksmakalnis ’history, values ​​and identity. Based on Linksmakalnis 'and Kaunas' need for new artistic input and renewal, and invites to dialogue and exchange beyond both the village's and Lithuania's borders. Involves the residents of the Kaunas district directly in the art experience and creates unity and community across social boundaries. And constitutes a Danish / Nordic contribution to the program for Kaunas as European Capital of Culture in 2022."

The Danish Cultural Institute in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

5. september 2021

Human-sized angels settled in the former secret military town, Lithuanian newssite (choose translation)

LInk to the article

Next week we are opening a CityTelling Festival, and angels will be part of two performances. One of them will be at the opening day of the festival (7th of October), they will form a procession on the main street in Kaunas Laisvės alvenue. On the 9th of October they will be part of the performance in Linksmakalnis:

dr. Daiva Citvarienė, Curator, program “Memory Office“ I Kuratorė, programa „Atminties biuras“, Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022 I Kaunas – Europos kultūros sostinė 2022

7. OCTOBER 2021






The project is supported by The Danish Cultural Institute in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania