Cement and scaffolding elements, 5x5x6 metres

“The Human Scaffold” is built up on top of a functioning scaffold. It functions both as an armature as well as a frame. Thirty six cement figures (each about 2 metres tall) are modelled directly over the horizontal scaffolding poles and thereby become the bearing elements. In this way, the construction can be adapted to the character of the different locations and their architecture.

The human being’s survival instinct, capacity for change, to move and rebuild, has always fascinated me. In the Human Scaffold, I have been able to go into these themes because the scaffold provides a logical entry to play with this. The creatures will be able to swap their places internally and e.g. turn upside down the next time.

I often work in series, where figures can appear to be the same from a distance, but with closer viewing one can discover their individuality and how the differences influence the relationships between them.

2004-2005, beton og stilladselementer,
5 x 5 x 6 meter
”Menneskestillads” er bygget op over et funktionelt stillads. Det fungerer både som armering og ramme. 36 beton figurer, ( hver ca. 2m. høje), er modelleret direkte over de lodrette stillads stænger og bliver dermed de bærende elementer. På denne måde vil konstruktionen kunne tilpasses forskellige steders karakter og arkitektur.
Menneskets overlevelsesdrift, evne til foranderlighed, til at flytte på sig og genopbygge har altid fascineret mig. 
I ”Menneskestillads”  har jeg kunnet gå ind i disse temaer, fordi stilladset giver en logisk indgang til at lege med dette. Væsnerne vil kunne bytte plads indbyrdes og f.eks. vende op eller ned næste gang.

HUMAN SCAFFOLD - press for large pictures