Skovsgård Multihus, Brovst. Cement, ceramic and rubber-asphalt.
Height: about 1,80 m, sitting height about 0,60 m. Length of the thigh to the knee about 1,20 m.

The sculpture “Winged” consists of three seated women in cement, which one can crawl up on and sit upon. The proportions make an adult feel like a child.

Each of the female figures has her “shadow shape” which repeats the shapes of the thighs, formed in red rubber asphalt. By the shadow shapes looking like petals on a flower and the figures themselves, due to the size and shape in relation to the shadows, they look like pollen bearers, the content is decided already: The Flower, life affirming, spreader of happiness, pacifying aspect of life and growth. The most vulnerable part of the flower becomes the fertile women, with good laps for sitting in. Poets and artists have at all times used the flower as a symbol of different conditions, the bud as a symbol of youth, flowering for fertility, wizening as symbol of death etc.

Three hundred children and young people from Skovsgård School have taken part in the creation process with the same principles as the projects “The Lady of the Sea” and “The Rat Maiden”. They worked to raise consciousness in different subjects around the themes of “roots/belonging - contra - wings/visions”. Then the children’s’ ceramic reliefs of all kinds of wings, were modelled into the stomach areas of the women.

The stomach is the place that feelings are located in many different ways. Everyone has literally had their roots to life within a woman; they come out and hopefully develop wings to fly further themselves.

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